Planning application for Hyde Hendon scheme submitted to council

24 October 2014

Plans to redevelop the Homebase site, situated on the A5 between Hyde House and Colindale House, have now been submitted to Barnet Council after a period of public consultation came to a close.

The proposals provide 386 high quality homes, across eight buildings, which range in height from three storeys to 14 storeys. The height of the tallest building on the site was reduced after feedback through the public consultation process.

In addition, a new 936 sq m ‘Hendon Hub’ will be delivered, providing a real opportunity to encourage and nurture entrepreneurial and creative skills, opening up the site for local small businesses and entrepreneurs. The site has the potential to provide IPTV studio facilities, 3D printing, co-working and networking. All of which can facilitate young people and small businesses to generate economic growth in Barnet. Currently 20 people are employed on site, in future there would be potential for up to 100 jobs on site.

This will represent a unique space within the Borough of Barnet, uniquely situated to host high tech and creative companies as well as individual entrepreneurs. In addition, around 300 sq m will be provided which could house a new doctor’s surgery or health centre.

The proposals will reinvigorate a site which is currently contributing little to the local surroundings as well as providing homes and employment.

A spokesperson for NEAT Developments said: “These plans have been formulated after an extensive period of public consultation, which has sought to engage with the local community and take into account the views of a range of stakeholders and local residents. As a result of the feedback received, the proposals were reduced in height, and the provision for healthcare and community facilities were included.”

Subsequently, the submitted proposals offer a drastic improvement to the current site, and have been formed in consultation with the local community, in order to deliver a scheme, which benefits local residents and businesses.

For more information, please contact Oliver Deed on 07527 216226 or